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Where is Fairfield County?
Fairfield County Highlights
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4-H in Fairfield County is the youth component of the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System.

This page talks specifically about 4-H in Fairfield County. Want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about 4-H? Click here.

The goal of Fairfield County 4-H is to help youth Dream of new horizons and Achieve new heights. This is done with the help of trained volunteers in partnership with the University of Connecticut (UConn) Cooperative Extension 4-H Educator and local 4-H supporters.

4-H HQ

Where is Fairfield County?

Fairfield County is one of 8 counties in Connecticut. The UConn Cooperative Extension Center is located Bethel. In addition to 4-H, UConn Faculty in the Bethel office help people and agencies with community and leadership development, volunteer management, organization development, consumer education, financial management, environmental health risks, child development, gardening, and parenting.

Fairfield County map
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~ Where Youth DREAM and ACHIEVE

Highlights of Our Past Year

In 2007 Fairfield County’s one hundred ninety six (196) 4-H volunteers contributed approximately 8,733 hours to help achieve the mission of 4-H -- helping youth to become competent, contributing and responsible adults.

4-H has a positive impact on the lives of young people. Some examples of what our program
has accomplished this past year include:

• increasing the skills and knowledge of over 500 youth in topics such as leadership, public speaking, animal and horse science, nutrition and career exploration.
• selecting outstanding youth for the Public Speaking Honor Group.
• funding after-school activities for elementary ages youth.
• contributing more than 1,500 hours of local community service by 4-H leaders and members.
• funding partial scholarships for teens attending 4-H citizenship program in Washington D.C.
• funding youth entrepreneurship programs for middle school youth.
• nomination of 4-H youth as Outstanding High School students.

"4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning
leadership, citizenship and life skills.”

4-H meeting house

Types of Membership
In Fairfield County, youth meet in organized 4-H groups led by trained adults and teen leaders. Types of membership are : Club membership; After-School Programs; Special Interest Groups; or Independent Membership. Although we do not have a 4-H camp in our county, county 4-Hers are able to attend one of the four 4-H camps in the State.

No clubs or topics of interest in your area? Start your own club! 4-H has a project for you. Fairfield County encourages the formation of new clubs. Click here if you are Interested in Volunteering.

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Current Fairfield County 4-H Clubs

The current clubs are listed below. Each club decides on their specific meeting times and place. For more information about an individual club, contact the 4-H office. You do not need to own a horse to be a “horse 4-Her”. Over 50% of the “horse 4-Hers” are non-owners. We do not offer riding lessons.

• 4-H Zoo Club (Animal Science), Bridgeport
• Force for the Future 4-H Club (Leadership), Bethel
• Happy Hoofers 4-H (Horse interest, community service, sewing), Bethel
• Helping Hands 4-H (Wildlife, Science/Technology), Norwalk
• Housatonic Horizons 4-H Club (Sewing, Dogs, Entomology, Science, Cats),
Sandy Hook
• Pineview 4-H Horsemen, (Horses), Southbury
• Stamford Trotters 4-H Club (Horse), Stamford
• Stamford Explorers 4-H (Community Service), Stamford
• Wildwinds 4-H (Horticulture), Trumbull
• Wilton 4-H (Animals, Community Service), Wilton
• Young Explorers 4-H Club (Leadership), Monroe/Bethel/Trumbull

Current After-School Programs
• 4-H Drama Club
• 4-H Cooking Club
• Youth Philanthropic Boards
• 4-H Youth Entrepreneur

How is Fairfield County 4-H organized?

Fairfield County 4-H is the youth development component of the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System. As with any other 4-H program, it is backed by the research and knowledge base of the nation’s premier land-grant universities with the support of state and federal governments.

In our county, the 4-H Educator leads and supports the work of 4-H volunteers and members.

UConn 4-H Sign

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There are 3 standing program committees:

• The 4-H Development Committee reviews, advises and helps formulate all county 4-H policies, programs and procedures. They select recipients for County Awards, hold appropriate fund raising events; and provide financial support for members and leaders to attend 4-H activities (conferences, camps, etc.).

• The 4-H Home Economics Committee reviews, advises and helps formulate county 4-H policies, programs and procedures in their specific content area.

• The 4-H Benefit Horse Show Committee organizes two horse show per year. Proceeds from these shows support our programs throughout the year.

The above committees meet monthly. They share the same goals -- to design, conduct and evaluate well-balanced and fun 4-H programs for youth in Fairfield County. These committees also provide needs assessment and program and event planning.

Additionally, there are several program committees. These committees meet on a as needed basis.
The main goal of these committees is to develop, conduct and evaluate specific activities for members and leaders. Because 4-H is “kid driven and adult facilitated”, program committees may vary from year to year. Several committees are organized every year. They are: Fairfield COnmty 4-H Fair; Public Speaking Programs; 4-H Night at the Grange; and Silly Over Science Day.

All committees (standing and program) are comprised of volunteers (leaders, 4-H alumni and supporters and teens). Teens have the same rights and responsibilities as adult members

To view our yearly calendar -- click here (coming soon)
For detailed information about county 4-H events and activities -- click here (link to detailed listing)


The County Teen Program
Teens are vital to the success of our program. In addition to assuming greater leadership at the club level, teens are actively encouraged to participate in the county and state (link to state 4-H page) teen program.

The County program provides teens with opportunities to:

• have a voice and make a difference.
• work with adults in a positive way.
• teach and mentor others.
• experience leadership experiences above those available at the club level.

• organizing county events and activities.
• maintaining records of activities and events for future committees.
• serving as speakers or trainers on pertinent topics.
• serving as mentors to less experienced 4-H teens.
• providing a voice on teen issues, desires and needs in the total 4-H program.
• representing 4-H at selected public events.

Teens enhance their life skills and workforce preparation skills

Click here for more details about 4-H Teen Opportunities

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